A visit to the haunted house

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New York Haunted Houses

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Visit To The Haunted House Hallmark Pop-up Book HC Dean Walley Arlene Noel. $ or Best Offer Halloween Hallmark Haunted House Purple Black Bat Free Spirit Cotton Fabric YARD.

Brand New. $ Buy It Now +$ shipping. Hallmark Halloween Hauntington Town Hall Sound & Lighted Haunted House Display. The house, built in late s, is home to a ghost named Sallie.

California Haunted Houses

Legend has it that the local doctor who lived in the house was treating a little girl when she died. Today the house is said to be visited by the spirits of Yankee Jim Robinson, Thomas Whaley, Anna Whaley, their daughter Violet, and other children who died in the building.

Make reservations for the special Halloween Oil Lamp Tours or the Whaley House Ghost Hunting Tours. I like this one because it has some nice quality animatronics but no live actors. For someone who does not like spook houses at all it will probably seem pretty scary but nothing to serious happens.

The Headless Horseman and Other Harrowing Halloween Tales (Enactment) Audio Cd; Along with Halloween Nightmare, Haunted House Horror, Witches' Coven, a Visit.

A visit to the haunted house

Not exactly qualifying as one of the haunted places to visit in the City of Angels, this is still a real treat for the paranormal enthusiast.

This old Victorian style house in Angelino Heights was featured in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

A visit to the haunted house
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