Anasazi great houses of the chaco

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Anasazi Great Houses of the Chaco Canyon Region Essay Words | 7 Pages American architecture varies greatly from region to region throughout North America, and was influenced by factors such as climate, kind of community, and the natural environment.

The Navajo call Pueblo Bonito, the largest of Chaco's great houses, tse biyaa anii'ahi, or "leaning rock gap." The name refers to a 30,ton rock that separated from the.

This region was historically occupied by Ancestral Puebloan people (better known as Anasazi) and is now part of the Chaco Culture National Historical Park.

Some of the most famous sites of Chaco Canyon are Pueblo Bonito, Peñasco Blanco, Pueblo del Arroyo, Pueblo Alto, Una Vida, and Chetro Kelt. Immense complexes known as "great houses" embodied worship at Chaco. Archaeologists have found musical instruments, jewelry, ceramics, and ceremonial items, indicating people in Great Houses were elite, wealthier families.

They hosted indoor burials, where gifts were interred with the dead, often including bowls of food and turquoise beads. Settlements: The most famous examples of Anasazi architecture are the famous Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde National Parks.

Ancestral Puebloans

These areas contain settlements constructed on the mesa top, at the bottom of the canyon, or along the cliffs. Cliff dwellings are typical of Mesa Verde, whereas Great Houses are typical of Chacoan Anasazi. Origins of the Chaco Great Houses.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park

At one time it was thought that the great houses of Chaco Canyon represented the beginning of Anasazi glory. Today, with many years of research and a greater understanding of Chacoan culture, archaeologists believe that .

Anasazi great houses of the chaco
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Chaco Culture National Historical Park - Origins of the Chaco Great Houses