Biola university application essay

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Admissions Requirements

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Admissions Requirements

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See how much your strengths improve?. Biola University is committed to providing a learning and living environment that promotes safety, transparency, personal integrity, civility, mutual respect and freedom from discrimination.

Biola University Requirements for Admission

Biola University GPA Requirements. Many schools specify a minimum GPA requirement, but this is often just the bare minimum to submit an application without immediately getting rejected.

The School of Education at Biola University offers California teaching credentials and degree programs at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Biola University. School of Education, Biola University. About; Undergraduate; Complete essays as indicated in the application.

Torrey Honors Admissions Process Step 1: Apply to Biola University Torrey Honors is the honors undergraduate program of Biola University. You do not need to apply to Biola Univeresity before you can apply to the Torrey Honors Institute, but students will not be admitted to Torrey Honors unless they are also admitted to Biola University.

Transfer to Biola.


Looking to transfer from another university or community college? Let us help you get started on a new chapter in your education. Biola University and the school code () should be included on the appropriate sections.

Also consider completing the Graduate Financial Assistance Application, due June 1 (fall semester) and November 1 (spring semester) and meet the early action deadline listed above.

Biola university application essay
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Biola University