Co operative housing society

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Condominium vs. Housing co-operative society

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Kathiawar Co-operative Housing Society, Karachi, Pakistan. likes. This page will update the society members about the progress of society in terms of.

Appendix at which the form in column No. 2 is enclosed. Names of the Form.

Housing cooperative

The Bye-law No. under which the form is prescribed. 1 Share Certificate. Rosehill Housing Co-operative Limited is a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act (Number R) and with the Scottish Housing Regulator (Number HAC).

ABC Southwark is a housing co-operative in South East London. ABC Southwark is a housing co-op managing properties in south-east London on behalf of Hexagon Housing Association and is run by its members who are in control of their housing in return for taking responsibility for their own housing managment.

COHO Management Services Society is Canada's largest co-operative housing management company, offering a full suite of management and maintenance services. In a housing complex, a co-operative society is formed, with all the flat owners as members, to maintain and manage the affairs of the entire complex.

Formation and functioning of such societies is governed by Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act,

Co operative housing society
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