German house style

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Low German house

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Low German house

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Architecture of Germany

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Picture Dictionary of Colonial House Styles: German Colonial Schifferstadt Architectural Museum in Frederick, Maryland is a German Colonial House completed in Photo: German Settlers in the American colonies used local materials to recreate building styles from their homeland.

Find Out the Differences between American vs German Homes: it’s where the heart is. This was our home in the US in North Carolina. Note the front yard.

This house was about 3, square feet of space ( square meters). My parents lived in a Swiss-German house for five years and I loved those shutters. I swear those things will.

Architecture of Germany

German studio Franken Architekten milled a pattern of squiggly lines into the outer surface of this house and studio in Frankfurt's old town, replicating the outline of timbers from the building. The German in it is realized in a high style: The fashionable facade of an eighteenth century French house is transformed and enlivened.

A simple, clear structure with white walls resting on a stone foundation, and with narrowly overhanging roof fits perfectly into the landscape, as if placed by a sure hand.

Reflecting American patriotism and a desire for simplicity, the Colonial Revival house style remained popular until the mid's. Between World War I and II, Colonial Revival was the most popular historic revival house style in the United States.

European House Plans

The Low German house Until its decline in the 19th century, this rural, agricultural farmhouse style was widely distributed through the North German Plain, all the way from the Lower Rhine to Mecklenburg. Even today, the Fachhallenhaus still characterises the appearance of many north German .

German house style
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