House of mirth analysis

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Lily's dilemma: Opposing principles in The house of mirth Debbie Lelekis University of South Florida critical analysis of Lily. From the beginning of the novel, Lily feels conflicted about the role that her The world of wealth and opulence in The House of Mirth may seem far removed from the gritty, commonplace settings of most.

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A list of all the characters in The House of Mirth. The The House of Mirth characters covered include: Lily Bart, Lawrence Selden, Bertha Dorset, Gerty Farish, Simon Rosedale, Gus Trenor, Percy Gryce, Judy Trenor, Carry Fisher, George Dorset, Ned Silverton, Mrs.

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Peniston, Jack Stepney and Gwen Stepney, Grace Stepney. House of Mirth is a great social and historical account of New York's elite in the late s. Because Wharton grew up in the environment she's depicting, the portrait she paints is rather accurate.

House of mirth analysis
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