Tok essays role of emotion in cas

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TOK – Emotion & the Arts

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Theory of Knowledge (ToK) is an exciting course particular to the Diploma Programme. ToK asks students to consider what they (really) know and how they know it.

They begin by exploring several principal Ways of Knowing: sense perception, emotion, faith, reason, memory, intuition, and language. Every single IB student is time poor, there are competing demands from other subjects, TOK, extended essays, CAS requirements, sports, clubs and, of course, friends and just a little bit of a social life.

Revision time always has an opportunity cost. The IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma is a holistic educational system focused on the IB Learner profile with a mission statement of building socially and ethically conscious highschool graduates prepared for university studies.

If you are not inolved in TOK delivery, now may be the opportunity! TOK link Using the Corning videos, discuss the role of creativity, imagination and emotion in a business context.

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IB School Leadership

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Tok essays role of emotion in cas
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